How Trustworthy Are You?

"In business, trust is one of the most valuable coins of the realm," explains Bob Rosen, in his book, Grounded. "You can lose it in a moment's thoughtlessness, and you must keep earning it every day."And, you can never have too much.

So, just how trustworthy are you? Rosen suggests that you answer the following questions. They offer you a way to assess whether or not your beliefs about trustworthiness are more than words.

  • Do you keep your promises, even the small ones, or do you let some commitments slide?
  • Do your guard against the "Big Boss Disease," that tendency to isolate yourself and cut off criticism, or do you shoot the messenger when you get bad news?
  • Do you avoid hidden agendas, or do you share your intentions only on a "need to know" basis?
  • Do you discount materialistic values, or do you like showing off your power, influence, money, or status?
  • Can you make fun of yourself and admit mistakes so that others can see you as a complete person, or do you try to keep a faultless facade?


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