5 Compelling Benefits Of Having An Ethical Culture

In Andrew Leigh's book, Ethical Leadership, he provides these compelling and important benefits of having an ethical culture in your business/organization:
  • Customers prefer dealing with companies who put ethics at the center of their culture.
  • Most employees would prefer to earn less working for an ethical company than being paid more and working for an unethical company.
  • More than one in three people at work say they've left a job because they've disagreed with the company's ethical standards (Trevino, L and Nelson, K - 2011)
  • If you adopt an early warning system against misconduct it reduces the risk of you facing expensive litigation.
  • An ethical culture helps you make your company a strong affirming place to work in.
"The foundations of an ethical culture include values, attitudes, meaning, behaviors, purpose, and management practices," explains Leigh.


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