The 11 Reasons For Doing Employee Exit Interviews

Don't be the guy in the picture when an employee leaves your company.  Instead, conduct exit interviews and surveys.

Leigh Branham explains in his book, The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, what the most favorable conditions are for conducting exit interviews and surveys.

And, here are the 11 best reasons for leaders to listen and gather the data when an employee leaves:
  1. Bringing any "push-factor" root-cause reasons for leaving to the surface.
  2. Alerting the organization to specific issues to be addressed.
  3. Giving the employee a chance to vent and gain a sense of closure.
  4. Giving the employee the opportunity to provide information that may help colleagues left behind.
  5. Providing information about competitors and their practices.
  6. Comparing information given with the results of past surveys and employee data.
  7. Detecting patterns and changes by year or by quarter.
  8. Obtaining information to help improve recruiting.
  9. Possibly heading off a lawsuit.
  10. Planting the seed of possible rehiring.
  11. In some situations, offering a final opportunity to eliminate the "push factor" reason for leaving and convince the employee to stay.


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