Happy 41st Southwest Airlines. You Set The Example.

Yesterday, Southwest Airlines celebrated its 41st anniversary. If you have been following my blog for the past year you know I’m a big fan of Southwest. I admire their company culture and applaud their customer service.

Chairman, President and CEO, Gary Kelly, shares some insights into the airline' culture in the June issue of the airline’s in-flight magazine.

Called unique and quirky, Kelly explains that there are three criteria that make up what it calls “Living the Southwest Way.” He says that employees are asked to display them each and every day:
  • A Warrior Spirit
  • A Servant’s Heart
  • A Fun-LUVing Attitude
The airline says that employees embrace Southwest as a “cause,” not a job. And, that “cause” is serving its customers. “We are a Customer Service company; we just happen to fly airplanes,” says Kelly.

Happy Anniversary SWA. You set a great example.  Here are some of the other many lessons Southwest’s rich history has taught us about leadership and customer service.


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