Today's Leadership Tips On: Customer Service And Motivation

Cusomter Service:

Ritz-Carlton’s Three Stages of Service
  • Warm welcome
  • Anticipation of and compliance with guest needs
  • Fond farewell

According to University of Rochester psychologist Ed Deci, leaders should not ask “How do I motivate people?”  Instead, the question to ask is, “How do I create the conditions in which they motivate themselves.”

Except from the June 2012 issue of Inc. magazine.


  1. That is a great advice! Soft skills, knowledge and background, and ending a conversation properly are all equally important, but as soon as the conversation ends, it is still the clients who will be responsible for the concerns and advice you give them. So you might as well create a situation for them wherein they will be encouraged to strive rather than motivating them directly, the credits will still be yours anyway.


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