Author Gathers Reasons Why Employees Leave For Updated Book

Overland Park, KS-based author Leigh Branham is conducting a survey called,"Decision-to- Leave" Post-Exit Survey. He will incorporate the collected data into an updated and revised version of his popular book, The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, first published in 2005.

Survey respondents are asked to share with Branham the real reasons they chose to leave a previous job.

To provide your input, go to Keeping The People, then click on Resources, then Surveys, then the Decision-to-Leave Survey.

In July, Branham will report preliminary results based on results received at that time, including:
  • a breakdown of responses on 40 reasons employees leave
  • how they fit into the 7 "buckets"
  • and the implications for employee re-engagement.
When asked why he wrote his book, Branham said, "I kept seeing research studies reporting that managers thought money was the number one reason employees leave, and I knew that wasn't the case."

"Overall, our research for the first version of the book confirmed that the culture that senior leaders build is even more important than how immediate managers manage because it so profoundly influences how those managers manage," added Branham.

There is something an employee can do, too, to help make his/her job more rewarding and fulfilling, even if their leader lacks the best of leadership skills. "I recommend that the employee focus on finding unmet needs in the organization where they can use the talents they most enjoy using to do something that is meaningful and significant to both that employee and the organization," said Branham.


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