Understand The Power Of Social Media

Everyone is still figuring it all out. And, there's much to learn about Return On Investment (ROI). But, if you lead a nonprofit, small business or large business, or if you're a budding entrepreneur, you need to understand just how important the social media landscape is going to be to your business -- particularly to your marketing.

Social media is changing how businesses need to interact with their customers. Two-way communication and transparency are the future.

Equally important, your brand is now being influenced and shaped by your customers (those who like you and those who don't) via social media.

If you're not yet convinced of the power of social media, check out this video:

Social Media Revolution

Then, take a look at this video, which humorously depicts how social media has changed advertising forever:

Advertising-Customer Break Up

You can find many resources online to help you better understand social media. A good book to read is "Social Media Marketing -- An Hour A Day" by Dave Evans. Evans provides a step-by-step guide to help you develop an integrated, successful Social Media strategy.

A good web site to check out about marketing online is:



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