Be Verbal About Being Thankful

You and your team may not hit your revenue or profit goals this year. Or, perhaps your organization won't accomplish all its goals during this tough economic year. But, as a leader, you likely still have plenty to be thankful for in 2009.

So, be thankful. And, most important, verbalize your thanks!

Take time this holiday week and then the rest of the year to smile and say "Thank You" to:

  • Your employees who took pay reductions
  • Your customers who still did business with you, even though they had tight budgets
  • Your vendors that worked with you on pricing and terms
  • Your partner businesses that banded together with you like never before
  • Your team that helped you think of ways to reduce expenses and repackage your services to drive sales
  • Your co-workers and peers who encouraged you to hang in there
  • Your team that put in more hours and tackled additional duties beyond their job descriptions
  • Your former employees for all they did for you before you had to exit them from your company due to revenue shortfalls


  1. Well said eric, I particularly like the thank you to former employees, wonder how many leaders have what it takes to make that call eh? Good work, interesting blog.


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