Abolish "No Problem"

Walk into any Chick-fil-A chicken fast food restaurant around the U.S. and when you say "thank you" the person working there will say "my pleasure" instead of "no problem."

You'll likely hear the same "my pleasure" from the waiter at California Pizza Kitchen after he/she delivers your meal and you say "thank you."

At first, the "my pleasure" sounds strange, because we are so used to being told it's "no problem."

But, you'll get used to "my pleasure" quickly, especially because it's the much better response to your buying a product or placing your order, and when you thank a business for their service.

As a leader, abolish "no problem" from your employees' vocabulary. Remind them that serving a customer isn't a problem at all. It's your business' pleasure to provide the service!

Teach your team what Chick-fil-A has been doing for years and what you're beginning to hear increasingly more from today's service businesses.


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