The Book Of Mistakes

Skip Prichard’s new book, The Book of Mistakes, provides a motivating and inspiring fable and journey to finding the secrets to creating a successful future. This 175-page self-help tale, wrapped in fiction, teaches you the nine mistakes that prevent many from achieving their goals.

Full of wisdom, this is a book for everyone, and particularly valuable to anyone who wants to be a better leader.

I won’t reveal the nine mistakes, however, here are some of my favorite takeaways and snippets from the lessons the book teaches:
  • Be the hero of your story, not a minor character in someone else’s.
  • Know your inherent value.
  • Surround yourself with the people who will help you achieve your purpose.
  • The journey to success requires both risk and failure.
  • Look at everyone your meet as a wise teacher.
  • Be motivated, not intimidated, by another’s success.
  • Successful people have a sense of urgency.
Prichard has featured, interviewed, and studied over one thousand of the world’s most successful people, from sports legends and world leaders. His views have been featured in print and broadcast media including the BBC, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, The Daily Beast, Harvard Business Review, Information Today, Forbes, Writers Digest, The Bookseller, Publishers Weekly, and the Library Journal

Skip Prichard

Thank you to the book publisher for sending me an advance copy of the book.


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