Let A Team Member Lead Your Meeting

A great idea from the book, The Little Book of Leadership Development, is to ask each team member to lead a meeting to gain experience leading your team.

Authors Scott J. Allen and Mitchell Kusy suggest that you allow the team member to be responsible for:
  • Developing the agenda
  • Leading the meeting
  • Disseminating the meeting minutes
After a full rotation of your staff, your team will better understand how difficult it is to set an agenda and guide a group of people with many opinions and competing commitments.

Most important, your team members will better understand how to lead a meeting and will actually become more effective team members.

And, here are a few tips for your team members:
  • Always distribute the agenda ahead of time.
  • State how much time is being allotted to each agenda item and state whether it is an actionable item or merely a topic for discussion.


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