Six Things Effective Leaders Do That Don't Cost Money

I had the pleasure of interviewing Leigh Branham a few years ago. He's the author of the popular book called, The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave.

He said that in research that he has done about the leaders of companies that have won "Best-Place-To-Work" competitions in 45 U.S. cities, that there are six things these effective leaders do that don't cost money. They do, however, cost time and effort. But, that is time and effort that can pay big dividends.

Here are the six things you can do:
  1. Make the commitment to create a great place to work.
  2. Inspire employee confidence in decisions and clear business direction
  3. Work to build trust based on honesty and integrity
  4. Practice open, two-way communication, especially in times of uncertainty
  5. Look out for the organization before you look out for yourself
  6. Believe employees should be developed and retained; not burned out and discarded
Thanks for these great leadership tips, Leigh!


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