Do You Practice TRX's 'P' In Its FACEUP Values At Your Company?

At TRX in San Francisco, about 10 percent of employees' performance evaluations cover how they live the company's values, expressed by the acronym FACEUP.

The P is for physical and TRX takes that seriously.  As recently reported in Inc. magazine, at the start of each year, supervisors ask their reports to set personal athletic objectives.

The goals can be dunk a basketball or do 10 perfect pushups or run a 5K.  Goals are not formally tracked, but come evaluation time, employees report back in on whether they accomplished their goals.

TRX said most employees have no problem embodying the P in FACEUP.  The company's other values are:
  • F = Fun
  • A = Authentic
  • C = Competitive
  • E = Effective
  • U = United
TRX claims that employees who have fallen off the exercise bandwagon really appreciate the physical goal setting process, and whatever peer pressure may develop ends up being inspiring to employees.

Bottom line:  fit, healthy employees save a company money.


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