Chick-fil-A Serves Up 11 Leaders On May 6

On May 6, the quick-service chicken restaurant chain, Chick-fil-A will serve up more than chicken.  Because, that's the day when the chain's President and COO Dan Cathy brings together 10 influential leaders during a one-day leadership "Leadercast" available at hundreds of locations around the U.S. and overseas.

"We desire to influence leaders at every level within an organziation. Whether you are leading a team of 2,000 or just yourself, the Chick-fil-A Leadercast is designed to help you use your voice to create positive change," explains the organization.

I am a big fan of Chick-fil-A because of its customer service.  It is also known as a company that has built its success on core values and its focus on developing leaders.  I also like that employees respond with "my pleasure" instead of "no problem" when customers say "thank you."

Chick-fil-A says leaders can express themselves with five voices (described below in Chick-fil-A's words) and each will be addressed during the Leadercast:
  • Influence
  • Purpose
  • Hope
  • Service
  • Innovation

Voice of Influence - A voice of influence can alter opinions and sway perspectives. They're looked to by others for guidance, and they recognize their ability to make a significant impact among individuals and organizations. Rather than relying on their power, they are humbled by their responsibilities and intentionally use their gifts to empower and develop fellow leaders.
Leadercast Speakers: Seth Godin and John Maxwell

Voice of Hope - A voice of hope believes that a better outcome is always within reach. They are the ultimate inspirers, and their light shines brightest during the darkest of hours. Their capacity to be realistic while remaining optimistic encourages those around them to not just wish for, but plan for and expect an outcome better than anyone could have imagined.
Represented by Robin Roberts and Erin Gruwell

Voice of Service - A voice of service seeks to lift the human spirit through gifts of time and talent. They gladly focus on others first as they quietly plug away behind the scenes. Though their work gains notice and motivates others to follow, they desire little recognition for their efforts. The simple satisfaction of serving and their private knowledge of the results feed their ever-growing passion for servant leadership.
Leadercast Speakers:  Dan Cathy, Muhtar Kent, and Dave Ramsey

 Voice of Purpose - A voice of purpose isn't easily distracted from the intended path. Their drive and determination fuel their ambitions, not for themselves, but for those they lead. Their ability to remain focused on the big picture allows them to serve as a beacon, steadily and confidently directing others toward the envisioned destination.
Leadercast Speakers:  Suzy Welch and Mack Brown

Voice of Innovation - A voice of innovation is never quite satisfied with the status quo. They are pioneers, always planning for the future and gently nudging those around them to do the same. They're excited by change, and their fresh perspectives and contagious enthusiasm for discovering new and better ways to seize opportunities and tackle challenges allows them to help others realize their dreams.
Leadercast Speakers: Sir Ken Robinson and Frans Johansson

Are you speaking with all five voices when you lead?


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