20 New Words Every Leader Should Know

Each year, new words and expressions become bona fide entries into the world's top English dictionaries.
Here are 20 of those words that recently made it into dictionaries -- many of which you've likely heard your younger employees using.  Or, perhaps you've heard a vendor use them, particularly if your company is expanding its social media play.
  1. Big Media -- Primary mass communications sources, e.g. TV and the press
  2. Exit Strategy -- Planned means of extricating oneself from a situation
  3. Flash Mob -- Brief gathering for a common purpose, announced by e-mail or text
  4. Flyover States -- Central regions of the U.S.
  5. Friend -- (verb) To add to a list of personal associates on a website
  6. Green Audit -- Analysis of a business' environmental state
  7. Green-collar -- Of or relating to workers in the environmentalist business sector
  8. Heart -- (verb) To like very much
  9. Home-shoring -- Moving jobs to employees' homes (from the word "offshoring")
  10. Meme -- Image, video or phrase passed electronically on the Internet
  11. Microblog (verb) -- To post very short entries on a blog
  12. Paywall -- Arrangement whereby website access is restricted to paying users only
  13. Social Media -- Websites and applications used for social networking
  14. Soft Skills -- Attributes that enable someone to interact harmoniously with others
  15. Staycation -- Vacation spent at home
  16. Toxic Debt -- Debt that has a high risk of default
  17. Tweet -- Posting made on the social networking site Twitter
  18. Unfriend -- (verb) To remove from a list of personal associates on a website
  19. Viral -- Circulating rapidly on the Internet
  20. Webisode -- Espisode or short film made for viewing online


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