4 Quick Tips For How To Lead More Effectively

Roger Fulton’s book, Common Sense Management, offers these quick tips for how to be an effective leader:

•  Don’t Blame Others – When in a position of power, everything that occurs is your responsibility, even the errors. So, rather than spending effort in placing the blame on others, your job is to minimize the damage and to take the steps necessary so that the problem does not recur in the future.
•  Create Commitment – Supervisors supervise and managers control. Leaders, on the other hand, create commitment and are absolutely essential in times of chaos, crisis or change. In those times, leaders take charge.
•  Be Consistent – Don’t enforce the rules today and ignore them tomorrow. Being inconsistent with rules will leave your employees unsure of what is truly expected of them.
•  Make Decisions – Make sound and timely decisions. Gather all the facts you need to understand the situation. Analyze the facts and review them objectively. Formulate possible strategies and consider the consequences of each. Choose the best strategy and make a plan to implement it.


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