Read A Top Leadership Book

During the past few months, members of five groups on the professional social media web site LinkedIn voluntarily recommended their favorite books about leadership.  They responded to a group discussion question, "Best Leadership Books -- What Is Your Favorite?"

When contemplating their favorites, they likely thought about which books were in their minds the best, most favored, most inspiring, most instructional, most relevant, and which ones they might reference frequently.

As the recommendations rolled in, it became clear that leaders learn from, and are inspired by, a wide variety of books -- biographies, autobiographies, books backed by research and academia, books made famous by the popular press, books by motivational speakers, and books by professionals eager to share their personal and professional leadership success stories, tips and suggestions.

Readers' favorites included those written by or about sports coaches, athletes, CEOs, scholars, religious leaders, governmental and military leaders.

Here's the list of all 235 recommended books in alphabetical order.  Take a look to see how many of these leadership books you've read.  Perhaps you'll find one of your favorites.  Then, select a few to further research and to add to your reading list for 2010.


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