Instill Good Customer Service

Have you noticed how many more companies are providing better customer service right now? Many have beefed up their service primarily to hang onto their current customers during these tough economic times.

I've noticed it. Particularly during the past six months while shopping and communicating with businesses over the phone. More are addressing me by name, thanking me for my business and asking how else they can help me.

But, why does it take a recession to make some companies wake up to realize the importance of providing good customer service?

Successful managers lead their teams in providing good customer service, both internally and externally. And, when that happens those teams provide good service year-round, during bad AND good economic times.

Let's hope that when we pull out of this current recession businesses don't abandon good customer service. Let's hope they continue to:

  • Learn and remember your name, and then address you by name when you visit that business where you frequently go (be it a health club, dry cleaner, deli, etc.).
  • Thank you for your purchase and for your business in general.
  • Ask how they can help you with anything else you might need.
  • Make recommendations of additional services or products that complement your current purchase.
  • Ask about your family, hobby, interests if you are a frequent and/or long-term customer.
  • Smile when they see you. And, when they are speaking with you over the phone. Yes, you really can tell when someone is smiling during a telephone conversation.
  • Treat you as they would like to be treated when they are a customer.

All these actions should be used appropriately internally at your business as well. Providing good customer service to fellow co-workers is equally important. If your team isn't already providing good customer service internally and externally, instill those skills in them today.


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