How To Find Your Balance Point

A few years ago, Brian Tracy, along with Christina Stein, published, Find Your Balance Point.

"The desire for peace of mind and the idea of living a balanced life are central to your happiness and well-being. When you start to live your life in balance with the very best person you could possibly be, you will enjoy the happiness you deserve and experience harmony among all the elements that make up a successful life for you, as you define it," explain the authors.

The book teaches you how to identify you balance point, move to it at will, and automatically return to it whenever you want.

"You need to establish your balance point before you can set and achieve the goals that are important to you," explains Tracy.

The starting point is to develop absolute clarity about who you are and what matters to you. This means you much be clear about your values.

Then, chapter by chapter, Tracy and Stein take you through:
  • Creating your vision and how to be powered by clarity
  • Contributing with purpose
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Setting your priorities and simplifying your life
  • Energizing your life with four strategies
Two of my favorite parts of the book are:
  • You can either live by accident or live by design. You can either be proactive and take action or be reactive to circumstances.
  • Resolve today to put all your mental energy on the fire of desire. Refuse to think or talk about things that happened in the past that still make you unhappy. The more time you spend thinking about what you want and how to achieve it, the more the old unhappy experiences will simple die out and have no more control over you.

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