Why Executive Coaching Works

 A few years ago, a Forbes survey revealed that nearly 100 percent of CEOs wish they had coaching or leadership advice from outside consultants.

The same survey showed that only one-third of those CEOs got that coaching and guidance from outside their companies.

That type of coaching often comes from executive coaches.

“Executive coaches are professionals who are engaged by executives and/or their companies for the purpose of enhancing performance. Many executive coaches have background in psychology and are able to use that expertise in matters of personal effectiveness, interpersonal relations, general leadership, and a variety of other “soft skills,” explains Nancy Falls, author of the book, Corporate Concinnity in the Boardroom: 10 Imperatives To DriveHigh Performing Companies.

If you don’t have access to an executive coach, Falls suggests you find opportunities for individual executive advising. Individual executive advisors are a hybrid between executive coaches and peer mentors. Peer mentors are executives who currently have or have had in their past functional roles similar to your current role. Peer mentors often focus on the “hard skills” aspects of the job.


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