The Seven Elements That Make A Good Culture

You'll learn a lot about marketing from the book, Does it Work?, by Shane Atchison and Jason Burby. Most important, you'll discover their 10 principles for getting digital marketing right.

What also really caught my attention was the book's discussion about the elements of good culture. Culture created from as high up in the organization as possible. A culture particularly well suited for digital.

Those seven elements are:
  1. Stay Flexible -  create a continuous learning environment with flexibility and a certain disdain for roles.
  2. Hire Learners - individuals who are curious and willing to learn on their own.
  3. Empower People to Share - cultivate an environment where people feel comfortable bringing up bold ideas and are encouraged to speak up.
  4. Encourage Thinking Outside Roles - to help you capture every perspective from all your team members.
  5. Make Sure Problems Come with Solutions - don't just point out what's wrong. Find solutions.
  6. Make it OK to Fail - failure promotes learning, and the faster you can fail, the better. If you don't accept failure you make it difficult to shift gears and come up with new ideas that work.
  7. Foster a Culture of Achievement - make it easy for employees to know they've made a difference through proof of measurable results.


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