Nine Managerial Competencies Essential To Managing Millennials

In their book, Millennials Who Manage, authors Chip Espinoza and Joel Schwarzbart explain that there are nine managerial competencies essential to managing Millennials.

They are:

  1. Be Flexible - Focus more on what gets done than on how it gets done and give Millennials the leeway to work how they want when possible.
  2. Create the Right Rewards - Rewards don't need to be overdone for every accomplishment, but Millennials should be recognized when things go well.
  3. Put Their Imagination to Work - Keep Millennnals' minds (and hearts) engaged by using their well-developed imagination to solve problems ad innovate.
  4. Build a Relationship - Connect relationally with them first. Leaders who show interest and create personal connections with them will earn trust and have better working relationships.
  5. Be Positive When Correcting - Focus on areas of improvement as a positive. Focus on timely, frequent, and constructive feedback.
  6. Don't Take Things Personally - Keep the focus on them and their development. 
  7. Show the Big Picture - Explain to Millennials the reasons for doing their work, why  matters, and what depends on them doing a good job. Help them make the connection between everyday tasks and overall results.
  8. Include the Details - Help your Millennial employees overcome the numerous distractions and "multitasking overload" with details they need about the work they are doing and the results you are expecting. Communicate clear information without assuming that they've been understood.
  9. Make It Matter to Them - Understand what Millennials care about and help them tie what they are working on to something meaningful for them. Connect their aspirations to organizational objectives.
Thanks for the good advice Chip and Joel.


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