70 Simple Rules For Sensational Service

Flavio Martins' book, Win The Customer, teaches you 70 simple rules for sensational service. "These can be used as a top-down resource in organizations looking to develop or enhance a service culture," explains Martins. "They can also be used as a resource for individuals who want to transform the way service is handled from the ground up, even when lacking the full commitment and support from organization-wide training and change efforts."

To deliver sensational customer service, you need to have the right culture. Martin says that the right culture:
  • Inspires -- Culture isn't a mission statement; it's a statement of action.
  • Fosters -- When united in a common goal, people contribute to an environment where everybody willingly comes to work each day and pours their best efforts into doing what they believe will make the greatest difference.
  • Transforms -- When working toward a higher purpose, the right culture has a real, positive effect on the work that is performed.
Martin recommends you conduct a 60-second customer experience evaluation to determine exactly where you are in the customer experience journey, and how you're using customer service to develop loyal customers.

To do that, answer these questions:
  • Is customer experience and services part of your business culture?
  • Do you have a customer experience advantage?
  • Is customer communication part of your customer experience?
  • How quickly does your customer service respond to customers?
  • Do you use customer service to let customers know you appreciate them?
  • Does your customer experience include customer feedback?
Win The Customer provides a roadmap for today's customer-centric world of business.

Martins was recently ranked #2 among the International Customer Service Management Institute's Top 100 Customer Service Thought Leaders.


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