How To Apologize

One of the most difficult words for anyone, leaders included, to say is, "sorry."

Yet, the time will likely come when that's the word you need to say.  Research shows that apologizing in a heartfelt way can help you reduce stress and alleviate guilt.

In the position of needing to apologize?  Do this:
  • Apologize immediately.  Say you are sorry.
  • Take responsibility for the situation.
  • Acknowledge the offense.
  • Ask forgiveness with a promise that it won't happen again.
  • Offer restitution whenever possible.
And, should your apology go unaccepted, most experts say forgive yourself and move on.

Note:  Thanks to St. Joseph Medical Center in Kansas City, MO for this sound advice.


  1. Excellent advice Eric. If the offense was committed in front of others, it's always nice to go to those who seen it and apologize as well.


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