Communications Expert David Grossman Publishes Leadership Toolbox eBook

I depend on communications expert David Grossman of Your Thought Partner for continuing guidance on how to most effectively communicate in the workplace. 

So, you can imagine how excited I was to learn David has released another one of his free eBooks -- this one called, Tips, Tactics & Strategies For Your Leadership Toolbox.

The eBook includes the most popular posts from his three-year-old blog, and typical David, he provides specific guidance on exactly what to do and how to do it.  Clear, concise, use-it-today information.

You'll find tips, tactics and strategies for:
  • Communicating your strategy
  • Engaging employees with open-ended questions
  • Using a journalist's 5 Ws and an H approach to communicating
  • Understanding the difference between information and communication
  • Knowing how not to let how you say something trump what you say
  • Listening -- really listening
  • Keeping your teams strong
  • Engaging your non-wired employees
  • Effectively using email
  • Understanding millennials -- where they're coming from and what motivates them
One of my favorite parts of the eBook is where David provides these bullet points listing attributes that define an outstanding communicator:
  • Understands communication begins and ends with him or herself.
  • Understands that communication is an instrument of strategy and a strategy in and of itself.
  • Plans communication and is aware communicate doesn't just happen.
  • Knows communication is all about dialogue, and creates great conversations.
  • Uses stories to create an emotional connection.
  • Ensures actions follow words.
The eBook is easy-to-read and absorb.  Thanks as always, David.


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