Team Building Lessons From Play, The Friend Game

While visiting the Orlando Science Center the other day I stumbled across a  family-oriented exhibit with simple, yet powerful principles useful within and outside the workplace.

The exhibit is traveling around the U.S. and it's called, Play, The Friend Game.  Created by Nacho Rodriquez Bach, the display explores six universal civic principles through the use of games for children and adults.

The six principles are:
  • See yourself in others and others in you.
  • Listen to the dialogue.
  • Express yourself and respect the will of the group.
  • Help others and ask for help.
  • Think before you act.
  • Feel that you are part of something greater.
Civic principles indeed, and excellent guidelines for all members of any team.

Bach was born in Mexico City in 1966, currently lives in Mexico City, and is a philosopher who publishes through art. 


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