Are Your Supervisors Driving Away Your Employees?

One section in Richard Finnegan's book called, Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad, compares traditional thinking versus new ways to think about retention and the vital role supervisors play in retaining employees. For example:

Traditional Thinking: Human Resources-driven programs like pay and recognition are essential for retention.
Rethinking Retention: Ineffective supervisors trump programs and drive turnover.

Traditional Thinking: All aspects of company culture contribute equally to retention.
Rethinking Retention: Supervisor-employee relationships have a disproportionate impact on retention; the supervisor is the company.

Traditional Thinking: Centralized communication and career programs impact all employees equally.
Rethinking Retention: Supervisors drive what employees know and learn and help them prepare for careers.

Are your supervisors helping to retain employees or driving them away?


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