How To Be An Open Leader

Charlene Li, the author of the best-seller book, Groundswell, was kind enough to send me an advance copy of her newest book, Open Leadership, which she released for sale on May 24.

Li explains in her new book what it means to be an open leader and why having those skills and behaviors are vital for effectively communicating with customers and employees in today's social media landscape.

My complete book review is on my Kansas City Leadership page.

But, here are some of the more compelling statements Li makes in her book, that I believe is a must read for leaders in large and small businesses and organizations:

• "Open leadership is about how leaders must let go to gain more."

• "The more power you give away, the more power you ultimately have."

• "Being open requires more -- not less -- rigor and effort than being in control."

• "You need to seek out opportunities to be humbled each and every day -- to be touched as much by the people who complain as by those who say 'thank you.'"

When you read the book, allow for plenty of time to devote to the self-assessment tests and for making good use of Li's recommended worksheets.   The test and discussion regarding authenticity and transparency are particularly important.


  1. Great read. I posted a review on my site as well. This was a fitting follow up to Goundswell.


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