Build A Strong Team. Be An Effective Team Member.

It's somewhat difficult to find a copy of Price Pritchett's 1992 handbook called, The Team Member Handbook For Teamwork, but if you do locate a copy, it provides you good, practical, useful information.

Even if you can't snag a copy, you can learn a lot just from seeing the handbook's Table Of Contents.  You'll learn as a manager how to build a strong team.  You'll learn as a team member how to be effective on a team.

Here's the Table Of Contents:
  1. Push for high quality communication
  2. Bring talent to the team
  3. Play your position
  4. Turn diversity to the team's advantage
  5. Back up others who need help
  6. Practice
  7. Be prepared to sacrifice for the team
  8. Help new teammates make entry
  9. Play down yourself and build up others
  10. Spend time with your teammates
  11. Help drive discipline into the group
  12. Make sure you make a difference
  13. Give attention to group process
  14. Help create a climate of trust
  15. Strengthen the leader through good followership
  16. Be a good sport
That's 16 great "how-to's" for you!


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