Use This eBook To Improve Your Communication

The former director of communications for McDonald's, David Grossman, now a leading consultant, speaker and author has released a free eBook about how to communicate effectively. 

Titled, The Leader Differential: Five Steps To Thrive (Not Just Survive), it's ideal for any leader or manager who wants to brush up on his/her communication skills.

I particularly like the parts about:
  • How much information is enough information to communicate
  • How to choose the best communication channel
  • How to manage your company's rumor mill
David recently told me that his eBook is for any leader.  He said, "I've seen the traps discussed and the strategies to overcome them work irrespective of the economy, industry, leader's tenure or personality/style."

David has worked with Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Virgin Atlantic, and is the president and founder of The Grossman Group in Chicago, IL.

Poor communication within a company leads to more workplace theft, more injuries, more turnover and an overall disengaged employee base according to David.

I also like his powerful statement that:
"Everything you say or do or don't say or don't do communicates something"


  1. thanks so much for sharing this!!! I just saved it and signed up for more info from David's site - although I only work part-time in a small office, I know we would benefit from this :-)


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