Be A Good Role Model

The first day of each month I like to remind us to be good role models. Successful leaders lead by setting a good example.

So, as you start October, don't forget to incorporate these behaviors and actions in your daily/weekly/monthly activities:

* Praise when compliments are earned.

* Be decisive.

* Say "Thank You" and sincerely mean it.

* Show and demonstrate trust.

* Communicate clearly.

* Listen carefully.

* Teach something new.

* Work hard and lend a hand when deadlines are tight.

* Show respect for everyone on your team.

* Follow through when you say you will.

* Allow learning to happen when mistakes are made.

* Allow prudent autonomy.

* Respond to questions quickly and fully.

* Take an interest in your employees.

* Give credit where credit is due.

* Be humble.


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