Eight Times For Storytelling

"Stories strengthen communications and presence for leaders," explains Kristi Hedges, author of the book, The Power of Presence.

She recommends you consider adding stories to your communications when you:
  • Want to motivate others and paint a picture of what's possible.
  • Need to show others -- whether a large audience or one person -- that you have shared commonalities.
  • Are trying to deliver difficult news and want to show empathy.
  • Are facing adversity in the present that relates to a situation you've experienced before.
  • Are interviewing for a job and want to demonstrate your ability to adapt, learn, and overcome challenges.
  • Are in a new position and would like to show others your approach and values.
  • Want to show clients or colleagues that you've been in their shoes.
  • Want to encourage another person to tackle something difficult.


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