Encourage Personal Growth

Encourage your employees to grow professionally.

If your budget allows, send them to a training program to learn a new computer skill or how to improve their customer service skills.

Perhaps you don't have training dollars to spend, but you have a budget to send your employee to a trade show or industry conference.

If you don't have any budget for outside training or travel, then invite your employee to sit in on a meeting or discussion where they'll be exposed to something new and enlightening.


  1. just discovered your blog today from "Operation NICE" - thanks so much for sharing all of this wonderful information! I am just starting to get back in the work force after being home with babies for a few years and although I'm not ready to dive in completely, I know information that you're sharing will help me a great deal - thank you SO much!!

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  3. Thanks Dalon, and welcome back to the work force. Glad to be of help. As you ease back in, look for a good mentor who can help you out. And, don't be shy about incorporating applicable leadership skills you have surely learned as a parent. All the best to you!


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