I Accomplished My 2015 Goal!

I hit my 2015 fitness goal - run 50 competitive races during the year. Between March 14 and December 13, I ran:

  • 4 10K races
  • 1 8K race
  • 45 5K races
Motivational Compete Every Day T-shirts kept me inspired and driven. Thank you!

Thanks, too, to KC Running Company, for expertly organizing and timing most of the 50 races. KC Running Company is simply the best!

And, the weather totally behaved this year, so I didn't miss any scheduled race due to bad weather. Most of the races this year supported non-profit organizations, primarily in the Kansas City metro.

My favorite moments from the 50 races this year were:
  • Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas - The 5K and 10K had been on my bucket list for years. I ran both races.
  • Roots N Blues N BBQ (Columbia, MO) -- Got to run with my sister-in-law. And, runners enjoyed free BBQ at the finish line.
  • Bellco 5K (Denver, CO) -- Great scenery.
  • Midnight Run 5K (Leawood, KS) & Night Flight Legacy Park 5K (Lee's Summit,MO) -- Fun times running late at night.
  • Post Rock Classic 5K (Lincoln, KS) -- Even with a population of just over 1,000 people, this town knows how to host a great 5K.
  • Panera Bread Diabetes Dash 10K (Leawood, KS) -- Set my PR for a 10K at 52:08 minutes.

This year also solidified my firm belief in goal setting, a topic I often write about on this blog.

I followed the advice from many goal-setting experts:
  • Clarify a specific action or outcome. And, include a time period in which you want to achieve your goal. My goal was to compete in 50 total races between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 205.
  • Make the goal measurable. I needed to run 50 races within the 12-month period.
  • Ensure the goal is realistic for achieving for your particularly situation. For me, this meant figuring out how to run races in cities where I traveled for work and vacation. Fortunately, I competed in six of those, which kept me on track toward hitting my goal.
  • Be sure you know the "why" for achieving your goal. My "why" for selecting a goal to compete in 50 races was because it would be more than I've ever run in any prior one-year time period. And, because I knew 50 would mean I would have to commit to running nearly every weekend during the year -- helping to keep me fit throughout 2015.

Today, I set my new goal: my goal for 2016. It is to beat my fastest 5K time of 22:52 minutes, set back in May 2013. I want to hit 22:30 minutes for a 5K by December 31, 2016. To do this, I need to up my overall training and stretch a whole lot more! 


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